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Hi, it's Kittyhawk! I make comics and art, and I also make games with Montrose.



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I COULD MAKE A DOG & CHILI COMIC FOR THIS! I just need to flesh out the special I was working on into 16 pages...

Sweet!! I might do this :D it is a pretty good excuse to start my webcomic lol

Seems interesting, definitely gonna enter this

@GrizzlyGabriel @KittyhawkMontrose so essentially just wrap it up at 16 pages then?

That would be for the best, yeah. Or at least a stopping point.


I guess I'll try it, there's plenty of time I think

NICE I hope I'm able to do this!!

Sounds cool,might join

Giving this one a shot.

i'lll do ittt lmao

HECK YEAH!!, I've been planning on my comic for so long!

Finally an excuse to actually make a comic! Good luck to all future entries

Awesome contest, hopefully I can jump in on this.

Sounds Decent enough. Given my capabilities, I may have some chance...

Ah screw it, I'm in!


... If i manage to be free. University is unforgiving.

@KittyhawkMontrose Does it have to be colored? Or can just be a sketch? Also does it have to 16 or can be more?

I can be color, b/w, whatever you want! We are judging it partially on the art, so keep that in mind. It can be longer than 16 pages, but we will only be reading the first 16 pages.

I have no idea who you are or what is going on. But it says you're in Queensland so I guess I'll join in.

Huh, I don't know if I will manage to finished mine in time, but I think this contest will give me the motivation kick I need for working harder on my current comic I've started since mid august. The only sad part is as this content ask for minimum 16 pages and will not be read farther, it will miss just the end of the "chapter" of it. Because I might end with just a few more pages something like maybe at least 17 at most 19 or 20.

My other issue with this contest is the "We will not read comics that are split into multiple posts. That means you will have to put all 16 pages into a single Art Portal or Games Portal post." rule I wonder if it's okay I do 2 versions of it ? Like I do regular ones for the portals and the combined version which it will be used for the contest ? I think I will go with an "animation" version of it because I have another project behind that one.

Whichever version you wish to enter in the contest, tag that one with the "sweetsixteencomic" tag, and then I'll know that's the one. Good luck!

Are we allowed to submit more than 1 comic to the competition? Thanks! :))

Yup, submit as many as you want!

Sounds like fun, should encourage some more webcomics going forward

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