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Hi, it's Kittyhawk! I make comics and art, and I also make games with Montrose.



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Hey hey! It’s Kittyhawk here, ready to do another fun event, the Newgrounds Pokemon Gijinka Collab!! It says version, but is there another version? I dunno, but I thought it looked right. :D I’m looking for the best artists and musicians to come on board this collab celebrating turning our favorite Pocket Monsters into humans with cool costumes!

What’s a Gijinka?

From Urban Dictionary:

“Mostly done in fan-art, it is the name for the humanization of any animal-like character. Most popularly done with Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and Pokemon.”

Here’s some examples from Newgrounds:

And here’s the first of mine:

(I’m doing a couple of Raichus, but a couple of y’all can too!)

Can I Do Fakemons? Pals? Digimons? Smiling Friends?

Nah, let’s keep it simple. After all, there’s like 1025 goddamn Pokemon. And even regional forms!

What Kind of Music Are You Looking For?

Remixes mostly, but music in the style of Pokemon might be accepted. Let us listen to it!

How Do I Join? (Artists and Musicians)

Please apply using this form! (Use the code “sacrifice”) You will be asked to show examples of your work as well as your Newgrounds and socials info. If we approve you, we’ll send you a link through Newgrounds DM to the Discord Server where we’ll be collaborating.

This collab will be rated Mature because I want to see some sexy designs, since like, that’s my bag. If you want to make a cute one, please do, but do be aware of the rating! For this reason, we cannot accept anyone under the age of 17 for this collab. Though! If you do turn 17 during the acceptance period, we can fit you in! No reservations though!

There’s a No Block Rule?

We are also requiring that all members of the collab not block one another on Newgrounds from when you join till up to one month after the collab is released. If you are allowed into the collab and are found to be blocking another contributor, you will be asked to unblock that person or you will be removed from the collab along with your work. We want all members to have a chance to comment on the collab. I believe collabs should be public spaces.

When Are the Deadlines?

We will close applications on November 4, 2024, giving everyone two weeks to complete their pieces (November 18, 2024).

Do I Have to Have a Newgrounds Account?

Yes. We will want to credit you on the final piece.

Is There a Tag I Should Use?

Yes! Please use the Tag “pokemon-gijinka-collab” so we can include it in the Collection!

Any Other Questions?

Just ask them here or DM me! :D


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Hi! It’s Kittyhawk! If you want to commission me, you’re in the right place. I’m up for a lot of things, but the main ones are Color Rendered and Color Sketches. If you’re interested in Comics, Album/Track Covers, Game Assets, Pitch Decks, Character Sheets, Character Design, or even Logos, I’m also available for those things too! Please check out my Newgrounds Page for examples of what I can do for you.

I will do most anything within Reason and Law! NSFW IS OK! I don’t do Furries, but I will do Aliens, Role Play Characters, and Mythological Creatures. Run it by me, and let’s see what we can do! Interested in a commission now? Please DM me or check out my commission form!


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