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Hi, it's Kittyhawk! I make comics and art, and I also make games with Montrose.



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This sounds really cool
Sign me in

yooooo, I was just thinking on trying to start one, what a great timing lol

Oooogh Iโ€™m so highly tempted to do this!

Sounds like a great tie-in with the Art Portal Update and comic-viewer in progress!

Hey, that's pretty awesome. I don't know if I'll have time to enter (been way behind on updating my webcomics as it is), but I'll definitely share this around.

Gonna try to see if I brave to participate , sounds really cool

Thank you so much for including me in this project, I can't wait for December!

No, thank you for agreeing to do the podcasts! It's gonna be awesome. :D

I've got 4 questions:
1. The Movie Portal also supports HTML5 uploads, in addition to Flash and video. There should theoretically be no difference when uploading to either, so should that count?

2. Could I also use Flash/Ruffle to host my comic on either Portal? Are SWFs eligible?

3. Do the 16 pages have to follow one story (like the stuff you're making) or could I do a compilation of 16 comic strips (ie. similar to ToonHole, whether it's originally made for the contest or otherwise)?

4. Does the title/front page/cover count as a page? (as in 1 title, 15 pages)

Very good questions! Here's some hopefully good answers:

1. Any portal is fine, as long as it's a static comic. No motion comics or comic dubs, please. If you include a bit of animation in a page though, that's fine.

2. Yep, SWF or any other viewer are fine.

3. That should be fine. I like 4koma comics after all. :D

4. It counts. And if anyone wants to make a cover with 16 pages of comic, that's fine too as long as the cover is obviously a cover.

this makes me want to finish my shitty scp comic I have in the back of my head

@KittyhawkMontrose What about the use of background music within the viewer? (this shouldn't really be considered a dub)

We will not judge the music as part of the comic, but if you want to add it for other readers, that's fine.

Finally, an excuse for myself to start doing comics again HAHAHAHAH

COOL! More comics on Newgrounds!
I allways wanted to make a Spoof of your comic Normal Girl, and now I have no excuse not to make it. I hope that's okay with you.
Or maybe I might make something else. I donโ€™t want to be stuck with one idea yet.

Yeahhhh, more comics! "I'm OK' with spoofs, so go for it. ;D Please understand tho we are going to judge original ideas higher over parodies or fanworks, but that doesn't mean you don't have a chance!

haha yes, finally an excuse to do a large project >:3

Keeping this tab open so I don't forget!

I already make comics with my OCs so maybe this is a chance for me to start!

Quick question and I feel like the answer is yes but I'll ask regardless.

Do I have to be an approved artist/be scouted to enter?

Alright! And nope, you don't have to be scouted to enter. Just have 16 pages and use the tag!

I'm hoping I can hop on this contest.

@KittyhawkMontrose Oh fantastic, thank you!

I've been reading a lot of Life In Hell recently, so why not? Could be fun!

Question: does it have to be a 16-paged comic, no more or no less? (Example: lets say i made a comic that has 15 or less than pages)

It has to be 16 pages or more. We will only judge the first 16 pages though. So yeah, no less than 16. If you have 15 pages of comic and a cover that will count.

I love this, I cant wait for the era of Newgrounds comics!

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